Regarding the CTF I’m running at Lanwar 40 this weekend (mentioned in the previous blog posting to this one), I have finalized the VMs, checkpointed them, and they’re ready to roll out once we get up to Louisville. Here’s a screenshot of the Backtrack 3 Beta VM the attackers will have supplied to them (if they so choose to use it):

If you’re attending Lanwar, and you want in on the action, sign up for the Red Team Challenge on the Lanwar website. I’ll probably also accept registration at any point during the event.

If you are already registered and ready to go, and want to go ahead and get your account on the scoring system set up and ready for you, email me and let me know what name you wish to use, and the password you would like to use. You can throw in any questions you have and I’ll try to come up with some answers.

Looking forward to having some fun!


That’s right, a wargame at a LAN party!

I have been invited to run a hacking wargame at Lanwar, one of the oldest and most successful recurring LAN parties for gamers. This wargame will be held on an isolated network at Lanwar 40, and will allow the gamers who attend to try their hand at something a little different than what they’re used to. Hopefully it will keep people from screwing up the main Lanwar network as well ;) . This will definitely be an interesting experience for all involved.

This will be a (considerably different) adaptation of the CTF we run at the end of each semester of the security class here at Mississippi State. For the Red Team Challenge at Lanwar 40, there will be a web-based scoring system, where participants may deposit “flag” strings that they find on the various systems that they are attacking. There’s a handful of rules to keep things fair and to prevent the players from completely obliterating each other, but for the most part, they can play around, do whatever they like, have fun, and hopefully learn something.

The challenge is open to anyone registered for Lanwar 40, and will run between the opening of Lanwar (or shortly thereafter) and noon the next day. I’m hoping to have at least a few insomniac participantss beating on the network throughout the night. More details about the event are available in this thread on the Lanwar forums.

I’ll post interesting observations and results during and after the challenge, so stay tuned!

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