I’ve just been informed over Twitter that I was mentioned by Intelguardians at CanSecWest in Vancouver today, presumably at their Cold Memory Forensics Workshop. Assuming that this isn’t some cruel prank, and you’re dropping by here because of the presentation, I hope you manage to find what you’re looking for! Here’s a list of relevant posts and pages here:

I’m happy to hear that folks are getting some use out of it. I might hack around with it a little more this weekend, since people seem to like it.

If anyone has any notes or more information on what exactly went on at CanSecWest during this workshop, I’d appreciate it if you would either leave a comment or send me an email.

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  1. [...] video of Tom Liston and Sherri Davidoff demonstrating cold-boot memory attacks at CanSecWest.  As I have covered before, they used my msramdmp tool to make an image of [...]

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