I suppose I could edit this after the fact, so if you really want to keep me honest, copy/paste or print this off for future reference :)

HacBook:Desktop wesley$ md5 the_dirt.txt
MD5 (the_dirt.txt) = a6fc95c8a8cd6f996c3a572af6d57f4d

Yet another thing you’re just going to have to hang on for.

Edit: Here’s the SHA-1 for you really picky ones :) :

HacBook:Desktop wesley$ openssl sha1 the_dirt.txt
SHA1(the_dirt.txt)= 4759da1616dce01137a57ac16a2a24b89ba311ae

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  1. i have to admit my noisiness and curiosity is piqued.

  2. [...] On the 6th, I posted hashes of a file, “the_dirt.txt”, to titillate my readership while I was busy shopping the information contained within it to TippingPoint and iDefense (in case I had a shot at monetizing it :) ).  Here are the contents of “the_dirt.txt”: [...]

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