Aug 072008

Thanks to HD Moore for this via twitter.  Splunk ad versus linkedin profile found via google:

Splunk FAIL

I can’t stop giggling.

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  1. Try this… Click John’s full LinkedIn profile. See how long he’s been at Splunk (a month or so)? Prior to that he was a Splunk customer for nearly two years at Department of State. Smells to me like Blogger/Twitterer research fail to me.

  2. Thanks for the comment Michael! Glad you could drop by. How old is the ad?

  3. [...] by Xavier Ashe on August 13, 2008 This is great.  Found on the McGrew Security Blog. Splunk [...]

  4. I love the ability for people to share links and turn nearly any innocent blog in to the next Valleywag.

  5. Hi Michael!

    I was wondering how old the ad is? I was hoping you’d see my comment above, but I guess not.

  6. if you actually check out some of the videos before John Topp joined Splunk in June, 2008 they all look like advertisements anyways unlike some of the other customers

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