Darkoz is a great guy for having maintained the archive of security/hacker conference audio and video at mirrors.easynews.com for several years.  It was a place you could find presentations from just about any conference that had been recorded.  It contained years of talks from Defcon, Blackhat, Shmoocon, HOPE, and more.  I have linked to it several times in the past on my blog, I recommend it to everyone I talk to that’s getting started out in the field, and I have personally used it as a sort of reference/tutorial library for learning various topics.  It was fast, too.  Basically I have nothing but good things to say about it.

The undoing of it, however, is that it is enormous.  For this reason, it has outgrown the hosting kindly provided by easynews, and is in search for a new home.  If you or anyone you know has a redonkulous amount of space available (around 1 terabyte for the entire thing), the bandwidth needed to serve it up, and a desire to help out the security community, please check out Darkoz’s post over on his blog.

If you don’t have the abiility to do that, but you have a blog that you can use to draw some attention Darkoz’s way, please link to him.  The more eyes that hit his request, the better chance he has of finding someone kind enough to host the archive.

This archive is a great resource for the community, and I hope that it’s able to find a new home soon.

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