The 25th Chaos Communication Congress (25C3) took place in Berlin at the very end of December, and definitely had more than its fair share of interesting-looking talks.  Luckily, for those of us who were not able to go to Germany for this conference, videos of the talks have been made available a lot sooner than most conferences manage.  The main page for conference recordings is available here:

At the current time, many talks are not available in the official releases.  There are unofficial recordings of the streams that have talks that are not yet in the official release directories:

The mirror at seems to have the best speed for me at the moment, despite being on the other side of the pond.  Unfortunately, the stream recordings are also missing part of day 4 of the conference, which even more unfortunately means that they are missing Applebaum and Sotirov’s talk, MD5 Considered Harmful Today, which has drawn a lot of attention over the past week.  Hopefully the releases of official videos will continue, and include this and some of the other missing talks.

There’s plenty to keep you interested while you wait, though.  Here’s a couple of tips to help you understand the bare directory structures of the mirrors, if you don’t pick it up from context:

  • “Saal” is German for “hall”, or “large room”. 
  • “Tag” is German for “day”.

…and that’s about as far as my German skills go.  You’re on your own for the German-language talks :)

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