Script kiddie forum pic of the day:


Naughty avatar censored, but I kept the language in case you want to try and make any sense of this chunk of thread.  PsyKon-X’s contribution is particularly hard to read through:

Perl does indeed work my friend but the coders in which the perl hack was designed for are being patched faster than the hacker is making the perl scripts, and also depends on if the person using the script for example is using phpbb and hasnt patched it with the new version this is vulnrable

Diagram that sentence.

All of you whitehats posting scripts to milw0rm are killing the perl hacking scene ;-) .

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  1. PsyKon-X and his friend XXxxImmortalxxXX are script kiddies that use exploits written by other, true hackers. These two, however, are not to be confused with true hackers. They know nothing. They are pathetic. Their day of reckoning is coming, and they will pay out their pockets for playing with such serious matters.

  2. Heh yay, nice. I do say though, the forum looks a lot nicer as it is now. DHK, You know nothing. PsyKon-X knows what he is doing. Immortal on the other hand is the one going around having $300 shells given to him, which i now have btw :3

  3. First of all i do know shit second ofa ll popc0rn is a idiot for one he knows nothing about hacking we had argument he told me that all he knows is social engering

    I shelled his site and thinks he is leet with hacking now because he has a shell

    DHK u can suck my dick id like to see ur ass do some shit and as for the perl shit if u read one post i made u will see that popc0rn does not know shit about fucking hacking on his forum it s the perl soemthing i forgot i have valid proof that popc0rn is a fucking idiot

    they dont know shit him and his team GHC are fucking idiots if u dont belive me ask popc0rn urself i have people on his msn that i got on my msn that can even verfiy it for you as well

    DHK lets see u write some shit fucker i know nothign BAHAHHAHAHAH right and where is ur proof on that?

  4. OOO forgot to also add here is a chat me and popc0rn had as well :)

    Radio Station 93x Corporation Entercom Hacked says:
    Popc0rn! | | says:
    i cant find it
    Radio Station 93x Corporation Entercom Hacked says:
    are u serious
    Popc0rn! | | says:
    i dont know php
    idfk php
    Radio Station 93x Corporation Entercom Hacked says:
    u dumbass its fucking .pl
    Popc0rn! | | says:
    idk perl either!
    Radio Station 93x Corporation Entercom Hacked says:
    then i guess ur a skiddie lol
    Popc0rn! | | says:
    tell me

  5. Now now, William. Does your mother know you use such foul and offensive language? :)

  6. 18 :)

  7. this is turning out to be funny, i admit that image is very funny, i love it, Im not a bad person just mis-understood :)

    Wesley thanks for posting it :) it made me happy lol

  8. I will say, that out of all the people who call me at home to talk about posts on this site, Will was probably the most polite.

  9. lol, he said to that “Popc0rn” is a “f****** p****” lol which he is, but i hay life goes on. like your site Wesley :)

  10. Can you guys do me a favour and learn structured programming AND writing. And with AND I don’t mean OR or XOR. I mean AND. Because at the end of your journey though learning you won’t still know anything, but that’s for sure. That’s not nothing.

    If that too philosophical I’m sorry.

  11. Thankyou

    And yes wishi i will admit im not much of a programing type person but i do know some of it and your statement where you journey through learning you won’t still know anything

    That is false

    If that too philosophical I’m sorry

  12. So what got ya’ll all pissed at each other in the first place?

    This mean you’re not doing the DoD high school hacker thing together anymore?

  13. ;) The more you study, the more you know. The more you know, the more you forget. The more you forget, the less you you. So you know nothing whether you learn or not. That’s something.

    btw: Back in the days when I was ~15 or so, I played with telnet. Sometimes there’re were no passwords. Telnet is still out there. But today there’re passwords. This just reminded me, that I learned the most by playing with it, too.

  14. As well as i wishi

    and wesley the reason why is because

    i found a oday in mybb and popc0rn told me to show it to him so i did then i got baned then i got pissed

    so i then got access to his msn and paypal then he got pissed and its just the mere fact of how he says he knows so much stuff and when i say hey u know what this is he says NO im like wtf

    and no im out of the DOD im now by myself and so far so good they sent us a big ass image file of a pc = 10gb in size its pretty fun actually

  15. LMFAO Fuk all you skids anarchy will rape your sisters and kill your mothers(Ok maybe thats a bit to far) but yea this dude dont know a god damn thing

  16. “Gentlemen, you can’t fight in here! This is the war room!”

    I don’t need your money: I need your own knowledge and feedback. My only hope is that you will, one beautiful day, contribute yourself to this vast wealth of knowledge.


    have fun!

  17. Much to my surprise, I see this post after not watching it for weeks, and I find all of these new replies!

    What makes me giggle is that PsyKon-X’s site, Anarchy Hackers, is no longer online. Suspended by their web host due to an apparent DDoS attack that went on for over 36 hours (that PsyKon-X failed to acknowledge was happening citing server errors just moments before their IP addresses stopped pinging).

    PsyKon-X and Immortal need to remember that the extent of their knowledge (which was plastered across AH) is very limited when compared to people who have been in the business far longer than they. They claim to be “ethical” hackers, but an ethical hacker wouldn’t hack a website and paste their images across it taunting the site owner; instead, an ethical hacker would identify the weakness and report it. They would do the *ethical* thing (fancy how that works?).

    Let the present and future circumstances faced by PsyKon-X and his counterpart be a lesson to them–a lesson for them to grow up. They can swear, use poor grammar and spelling, be rude, and go around defacing innocent websites all they want, just so long as they don’t mind being looked upon as children.

    Until the day comes where they grow up, I will continue to treat them like children.

    Good luck, PsyKon-X and Immortal.

  18. well thanks for that DHK, nice of you to say so, i dont remember calling myself a ethical hacker? doesnt cross my mind im waht you call a wonderer, someone who comes aross as a nosey bastard. so thanks for calling me a child although you dont now me :P , but yea AH went offline ages ago, i didnt own it at that time for your information. i was just partner with XXxxImmortalxxXX who at this moment in time given up his regime of defacements and hacking lessons.

    I leave it this. thanks for the comments everybody :)


  19. DHK,

    Funnily enough our company was one of the many sites hacked by Psykon-X and friends. Admittedly it wasn’t done on what you call an “Ethical” point of view however it did make me aware of a few security holes and I also know how he did it so hacking lesson number 1 learnt.

    Looks like he used some script or something using basic SQL injection techniques onto the login pages and then inserted his lovely image. Definate pain when you take into consideration that we have customers using our site. On the funny side using google and no hacking methods whatsoever, I have found his various accounts (Last FM, Myspace) etc, and now have a picture of the guy various personal details, town location, favorite music etc etc.

    That twinned with looking up the IP address most used by these accounts im sure that some authority of some sort could sort him out however I doubt they would waste their time. Bigger fish to fry and all.

    I might actually venture into the world of hacking so that I can prevent people like Psykon-X from hacking any sites that I create in future.


  20. wishi: Don’t you mean “If that’s to philosophical, I’m sorry”? You wrote: “If that to…”
    In the words of Metallica:
    “Before you judge me, take a look at you
    Can’t you find something better to do?
    Point the finger, slow to understand
    Arrogance and ignorance go hand in hand”


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