This afternoon I received a very polite call from Kim Legelis, the vice-president of marketing at Core Security.  She and I talked for some time about the problems I spoke about in yesterday’s post, and how changes need to be made to the process they use to invite people to their “cool kids” party at Black Hat.  Over the past day I have gotten feedback from readers of this blog and followers on twitter about other cases where Core hasn’t been the friendliest to deal with.  I took the conversation as an opportunity to mention those issues, as well, and that Core, as a company with a great product, needs to be a little more careful with how they interact with the community.

I enjoyed speaking with Kim candidly about the alienating (and silly) nature of the phone conversation I had yesterday.  She assures me that they’re taking the feedback and using it to improve their processes.  If that turns out to be the case, then great!  If you, as a reader, have had a bad experience contacting Core Security, either in the past or after this incident, I would encourage you to share it in the comments for this post.  I’m sure they’re reading now.

I’m looking forward to dropping by the Core Security booth at Black Hat USA 2009 this year.  If you are going too, perhaps we’ll arrange a “Not Cool Enough For Core 2009″ outing at a buffet that night.  I’ll even let you put yourself on a “Maybe List” for it, in case you want to stay in the “waiting list” limbo for Core’s ;-) .  If you are interested, leave a comment or drop me an email if you want to be private and sneaky about it.

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  1. Has Core reversed their decision and now offered an invitation?

  2. That’s an excellent question, because that was never mentioned in the phone call.

    They actually never voiced a decision about inviting me in the first place when they called the first time, although it was pretty apparent from the tone of the conversation that I had a snowball’s chance in hell of actually getting in.

    If they did turn around and offer me an invite, I would probably drop by for a drink or two and chat with the Core folks for a bit. It would depend on the scheduling, though, as I think I’ll have more actual fun with other disenfranchised potential attendees outside of the party.

    A point I’m not sure that I’ve made clearly yet is that it’s entirely possible for Core to do the kind of screening they want for a party like this before sending out the email invites in the first place. If you’re already spending piles of money on Core Impact, then it’s a no brainer: they have a list and those folks should absolutely get invites. If you have enough money to be a potential Core Impact customer, then you’re on a very short list, and you have every right to expect that Core knows “who you are” before contacting you. Making people audition for a pass by asking them questions they’ve already answered, and then playing the game of “oh we’ll see if you make the cut” and “there’s a waiting list!” is just plain silly and insulting.

    Hopefully they’ll stay true to their word and change that, and perhaps run their marketing folks through some etiquette training.

  3. i.e. other parties with better strippers!

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  5. I can attest that this isnt a “small fish” game. I’ve had several run in with core’s sales reps and they always end negativly.

    The pushy and rude tactics has actually cost them sales at the fortune 50 company I work for.

    If you work for a big company you know that you cant beat them off with a metal bat, however if you let them think you cant make those kind of decisions they’ll make sure to spit in your face before getting off the call.

    I wouldnt take it personaly, core has a history of playing the cool security kid game, I can assure you it comes back to haunt them when the decision maker they’re trying to impress is the random suit they insulted at the last con or webexpo they held…

    • Awesome comment, John Doe. I really appreciate you taking the time to write that on here, and I hope that the Core folks that are visiting all these posts each day take note!

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