Last week, Michael Farnum, of the excellent An Information Security Place podcast asked me if I would like to be interviewed for the show.  Michael’s one of my favorite folks to follow on twitter (@m1a1vet) and a really nice guy, so I agreed and we recorded on Monday afternoon.  Prior to this, I hadn’t used Skype or my headset since last year when I was on Securabit talking about DNS vulnerabilities!

Episode 25 of the podcast is Michael’s interview with me.  We discuss the GhostExodus incident, and spend some time afterwards talking about SCADA and control-systems security.  It was very casual and candid, and I had a great time.  The episode is available here:

…although I recommend subscribing to the podcast to keep up with new episodes of it.

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  1. your abuse of the eta monicker in the past tense, is well, at the least, mildly annoying, We ARE. I left them before this shit happened, but Im back, and we will be engaging in positive activities as you know, moving forward. No, we wont go away, So please, stop referring to us as “WAS” because we “ARE”

    And yeah, I AM A SKRIPT KIDDIE, OR SKRIPT OLD MAN, take your pic, and I dont give a damn if anyone knows, I told u dildos Im not a hacker, and I meant it. lol, and ya know, who gives a filthy dogs butt, thats just how it is man.

    I really dont give a damn what you call me, so long as you know, I dont give a damn, were on the same level

  2. And I forgot to mention, Ive got my own crappy blog going on at our forums if you want to fry a few brain cells and loose a few precious minutes of your life reading useless nonsense, come on over and check it out. Im sure you will like my banner. We would also very much be honored if you might post something sec related.

  3. While I appreciate the invitation, lately, if I’m not writing something for publication or a conference, then my writing goes to this blog. It’s more of an issue of time and effort, really.

    Glad to hear you’ve started blogging though, and hope it works out well for you.

  4. Your sarcasm is noted.

  5. Not sure what you were wanting/expecting?

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