After a very busy morning, the number of students in the lab hacking away at CTF went down in number, but up in rowdiness.  There are three close “top” teams now, with “Where’s Jerry?” (formerly known as Team 4, name in reference to a missing member) joining McGrewchebags and Ring 0 in being very active.  ”Where’s” is not to be underestimated, having run their score up to the current value in a very short period of time.

The teams are getting more and more humorous with their trash talking.  It’s all in the spirit of the competition, though, as they’re being very friendly and sportsman-like to each other.  Earlier, I was witness to a member of Ring Zero sharing his copy of Fyodor’s nmap book with a member of McGrewchebags.

There was a bit of social engineering action today (bribery, etc.), and a small handful of points were handed out.  The best social engineering attempt, a survey sent to us, was actually rewarded by providing the team with an answer to one of their survey questions, rather than a “social engineering flag”.  That answer might serve them well.  It’s difficult to judge the social engineering attempts objectively, so I simply go with my gut.  Occasionally students protest about perceived uneven applications of rules and rewards, but it all evens out in the end.  Either way, there’s no way to appeal my decisions :)

Teams are getting a good handle on their sniffing and packet analysis skills, and are falling into a good routine on that front.  Most of the teams appear to be working well with each other as a team, and continue to put in some long hours.  I wouldn’t be surprised to see a sleeping bag in here the next time I drop by to see what’s going on.

I will be dropping by at least once tommorow and Sunday, and will post updates then.

Current scores:

  1. McGrewchebags – 15 Flags (Last capture, 7:39 AM)
  2. Ring 0 – 9 Flags (Last capture, 11:31 AM)
  3. Where’s Jerry? – 8 Flags (Last capture, 11:25 AM)
  4. Team 5 – 3 Flags (Last capture, 12:16 PM)
  5. Team 3 – 1 Flag (Last capture, 2:46 PM)

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  1. McGrewchebags Rule!

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