The lab has been very busy this weekend.  Yesterday at 3PM I received an email asking me to drop by and reboot the VMs due to sluggish performance, and I expected a handful of people in here when I arrived.  When I got to the lab, I was very surprised to see a little over half the class hacking away.  There were still several people around when I left at 8PM.

After looking into it, we have found that the “Jerry” of “Where’s Jerry”‘s name dropped the class some time back.  That team is on an even footing with the others with 4 members, so there is no injustice there.  I originally had a 1 flag bounty on Jerry’s head, if they could bring him to me, though with these circumstances, I’ve raised the bounty to 2.

Ring 0 was just awarded a flag for a social engineering attempt that I was deliberating on for a while, and another flag for something I cannot disclose at this time.  Right now, it’s a very close three-team race for first place, although it’s hard to say how many unsubmitted flags the teams could be sitting on.

The scores as of this moment:

  1. McGrewchebags : 17 Flags (Time of last capture: 3:46 PM Saturday)
  2. Ring 0 : 14 Flags (Time of last capture: 11:30 PM Saturday)
  3. Where’s Jerry?: 12 Flags (Time of last capture: 1:51 PM Sunday)
  4. Team 3: 6 Flags (Time of last capture: 8:22 PM Saturday)
  5. Team 5: 4 Flags (Time of last capture: 11:57 AM Saturday)

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  1. How many points for hacking the Gibson… I’ve got my 28.8bps!

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