Ring 0 pulled it off in the end, with VM to VM flag submission to prevent their own flags from going out on the wire, thwarting the McGrewchebag’s attempts at automated sniffing/resubmission.  They were here all night hacking away and their devotion paid off.  I expected to find them face-down on the keyboard when I got back to the lab at 7AM, but they were still going, fueled by caffeine.

In the last moments of the game, with “Eye of the Tiger” playing from an unidentified laptop, the two top teams submitted all of the flags they had been afraid to submit earlier, along with plenty of cover traffic.  The scoring server creaked and groaned under the pressure, and I closed all of the other VMs to help out a bit.  When the clock hit 9:00 AM, I pulled the power to the hub, cutting the VM server off from the rest of the network.  The two teams congratulated each other, and we all went down to the classroom for the awards ceremony.

The final scores:

  1. Ring 0 : 29 Flags
  2. McGrewchebags: 23 Flags
  3. Where’s Jerry?: 12 Flags
  4. Team 3: 6 Flags
  5. Team 5: 4 Flags

  9 Responses to “Capture the Flag: Final Scores – Ring 0 Wins!”

  1. Kudos to all the participating teams, and special thanks to Wesley, Chris and Dr. Vaughn for conducting an awesome event.

  2. A great experience, Oh and McGrewshe Bags RULE! Thanks Wes!

  3. Agreed, thanks to all involved, participants and those who organized the event. Hands down one of the best events I’ve ever been involved in.

  4. Hey Wesley Mcgraw? just a question but did you ever make books about anything Security like? because i saw your name on some Security books, anything “SQL” like? or any “Network” like?

    • No, I haven’t been an author or co-author on any security books.

      It’s McGrew, with an ‘e’. Maybe you saw Gary McGraw’s Software Security book, or something from McGraw-Hill.

  5. Yes yes, Mcgraw-Hill….. Ahahahahaha i thought that was you ROFL LMFAO! that’s pretty funny!

  6. And… oh shit im retarded >.>

    my bad for double post lol

  7. Awesome show. This sounds like a blast.

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