Today has seen a lot of activity from SwaffleU, the Hash Puppies, and COPE (previously known as Team 5), though not a lot of movement in the points.  It remains to be seen how many of those 13 points the Hash Puppies put on the board were sniffed off the wire by other teams that are waiting for a safer opportunity to submit.  The scores, as of 5PM:

  1. Hash Puppies – 13
  2. COPE (formerly Team 5) – 6
  3. Team 4 – 3  (last submission time 1’27″ before SwaffleU)
  4. SwaffleU – 3
  5. BitBangers – 2
  6. Team 2 – 1

On the scoring server, I can see the table of submissions, and can verify that most of the flags submitted represent the “low hanging fruit” of the game.  It’s definitely the right thing to do, to go after these first, since the points are equal for all flags regardless of difficulty.  Hopefully soon though, we’ll see the teams get around to some of the more challenging flags.

Next update will be around 8AM tomorrow morning, or later tonight if something interesting happens.

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