I arrived this morning to find the VMs responsive on the network, however the console of the VM server was locked hard.  If you’re one of the participants, and you had something running on any of the VMs, or any sort of persistent connection, you may have to put it back up the next time you go in.

This morning I heard a gripe about the completely hubbed and sniffable nature of the CTF network.  This player was concerned about his hard work being sniffed and resubmitted by another team.  I do like the need to be creative about your communications though.  We have many teams generating cover traffic, and simultaneously writing scripts and filters to try to make sense of all the traffic on the network.  It’s an interesting arms race, and I think it adds a fun meta-game for the top-tier students who are already doing well capturing flags.  There are some downsides to focusing on sniffing as well.  Imagine a situation where you pull an all-nighter trying to get a certain flag, only to find out when you submit it that you already have that one from the wire.  Time wasted :)

Here are the scores, as of this morning:

  1. Hash Puppies – 13
  2. Team 5 – 5
  3. Team 4 – 3
  4. SwaffleU – 1
  5. BitBangers – 0
  6. Team 2 – 0

Teams that have not decided on a name by this evening (Looking at you, 5, 4, and 2.) will likely have a name of my choice assigned to them by me.  This is probably not something they want.

  2 Responses to “MSU CTF 8AM Thursday Update”

  1. The Hash Puppies are kicking butt.

  2. yeah, we are

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