I left early last night to have dinner and watch the new Harry Potter movie, so I neglected to post an update yesterday evening.  I normally make 8AM posts, but this is a Saturday, so you’ll just have to make do with an 11AM update.

COPE have taken the lead with 18 flags, and this represents the first time since the beginning of the game that the Hash Puppies have lost the lead.  I offered them the opportunity to post a flag before this update in order to take the lead back, but they declined.  The Hash Puppies seem to be quite happy in second place.

The best computer that I have seen in the competition so far is this 486, 66 MHz beast that a member of COPE set up:


  • missing a panel or two
  • has no branding whatsoever (the sticker on the bottom helpfully suggests that it’s a “Notebook Computer”)
  • has a broken keyboard (you can see the edge of the keyboard that’s plugged in on the left)
  • reports itself in some ancient version of Linux as having about 18 and a half megs of RAM (what?)

The current scores are:

  1. COPE – 18 (Last submission 8 hours and 22 minutes ahead of the Hash Puppies)
  2. Hash Puppies – 18
  3. SwaffleU – 10
  4. team4 – 8
  5. BitBangers – 7
  6. Wesley’s Unkempt Beard (previously known as Team 2) – 2

Flag: 4cbd40766a

  4 Responses to “MSU CTF 11AM Saturday Update”

  1. Yup thats my baby has everything a portable needs, ssh, wget, lynx, irc, and 10/100 ethernet. Even has a 256 color video card.

  2. actually with 7 virtual terminals it works quite well. During my getting it originally setup it handled multiple simultaneous downloads in lynx while running ssh without a hiccup.

  3. looks like an NEC or clone thereof

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