The reviewers at Black Hat have notified me that my submission has been accepted and I will be speaking at BlackHat USA 2011 in Las Vegas this year. As you can imagine, I’m thrilled, as I was not able to attend BlackHat or Defcon last year. I’m looking forward to being there as a speaker this time, interacting with all the great folks I met two years ago there, and anyone new I meet.

The title of my talk is “Covert Post-Exploitation Forensics With Metasploit”, which will be accompanied by the release of a set of meterpreter scripts and a white-paper that details how they can be used. The abstract of my work has been posted on the Briefings page at the USA 2011 site:

In digital forensics, most examinations take place after the hardware has been physically seized (in most law enforcement scenarios) or a preinstalled agent allows access (in the case of enterprise forensics packages). These scenarios imply that the”subject” (the one in possession of the media) is aware of the fact that their data has been seized or subject to remote access. While penetration testing tools allow for surface-level access to the target filesystem, there is a lot of potential data that is being missed in unallocated space that could be accessed by file system forensic tools such The Sleuth Kit.


In this presentation, Wesley will present a new set of tools that will allow forensic examiners and pentesters alike to image remote filesystems of compromised systems, or perform examinations directly on remote filesystem with forensic tools on the attacking machine by mapping remote drives to local block devices. This is the integration of Metasploit with a large body of existing digital forensic tools.

The associated scripts and more information will be released with the conference proceedings, and here on this site at the time of my talk (probably also a coordinated release into the Metasploit trunk, but I haven’t talked to those guys about it yet.).

At this point, you’ll have to take my word for it, but I assure you this isn’t a typical “Yet Another Metasploit Talk”. I would hope that the submission reviewers at Black Hat would not have accepted it if they felt this was the case. What I’m demonstrating is a way to use a whole suite of useful and mature tools in a penetration test (or other scenario) through Metasploit.

Assuming I’m not scheduled to present at the same time as Barnaby Jack, Dan Kaminsky, or the like, I’d definitely recommend showing up, as I think it’ll be a very fun talk and demonstration. See you at Caesars Palace!

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