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Travesty is an interactive program for managing the hardware addresses
(MAC) of Ethernet devices on your computer. It supports manually
changing the MAC, generating random addresses, and applying different
vendor prefixes to the current address. It also allows the user to
import their own lists of hardware addresses and descriptions that can
be navigated from within the Travesty interface. Travesty is written
in Python, and is very simple to add functionality to, or modify.

Travesty was developed to scratch an itch for penetration testers who
wish to make modifications to the network settings interactively when
starting up the machine they wish to test/attack from. Placed in the
startup scripts before rc.network (or equivalent), Travesty allows for
the hardware address to be changed easily to appear as any specific
brand of card, or even, in a limited way, spoof the hardware and IP
addresses of a system that is currently down on a dhcp network.

Travesty uses the ‘manuf’ list of vendor prefixes from the Ethereal

Things that are made easier with Travesty:

  • A degree of anonymity on larger networks by presenting a false

  • Impersonating other computers by taking on their MAC

  • Not sticking out like a sore thumb on a homogeneous network of
    a specific vendor’s Ethernet cards by applying a similar prefix

  • Setting up quick replacements for servers on a network that expects
    the downed server at a particular MAC and IP.

  • Managing different profiles of network settings by custom scripts
    using the add-on interface


  • Any variety of Linux, or other operating systems that use ifconfig for
    network configuration. Only a couple of functions would need to be
    ported for other operating systems that have different methods of
    getting and setting hardware addresses.
    (Developed and tested on Arch Linux)

  • Python (Developed and tested on Python 2.4)

  • Root privileges on your system


Current Release: travesty-1.0.tar.gz


01/31/05 – Version 1.0, initial public release

Add ons

I will place add on scripts for Travesty here as they are developed or
sent to me. Developing add ons is very simple, and an example can be
seen in the helloworld.py file in the Travesty distribution.

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  1. um, Im pretty sure macchanger allready does this, and I allready have dozens of vender prefixes memorized.

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